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Barnardos battle funding shortfall


Barnardos are launching a new marketing drive this week in an attempt to appeal to the public to dig deeper and help the charity through this difficult economic period.

Up to 40 Barnardos projects are under threat due to a massive shortfall in funding and donations.

To combat this shortfall in funding, the charity has launched a new appeal for the public to help prevent project closures, with a new campaign across TV, press, outdoor and online with presence on facebook, twitter and YouTube.

The new commercial, which launches today is emotionally hard-hitting and portrays a series of scenarios faced by the children and families whom Barnado’s aim to help.

The ad demonstrates the genuine need for the support and services that charity provides; compelling the viewer to take action and donate today in order to “Change a child’s future” and features music from up & coming Irish singer-songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow.

You can view their online presence here:

Campaign website:

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Timberland anti-fatigue boots

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In-store Lego mirror

Check out this really cool mirror in the Lego stores, awesome innovation.

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Southwest Airlines – Bags ride free

Check this idea out Mr. O’Leary and you guys @ Ryanair.

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Kaká from all angles

Here’s some fun for the footie-fans, Kaka can be seen in some exclusively online footage which demonstrates the clarity and smoothness of the HD picture on Sony’s BRAVIA TVs. Or at least that’s the idea – you would have to see a real Sony Bravia TV to get the real deal.

The unique feature of this footage is that you can control the camera angles yourself – clicking on screen when you see the icon navigates you to another clip showing a different shot of Kaka.

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The Social Media Guru

Who/what agency within Irish online space does this remind you of  ????

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King of Shaves

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Diesel Helmets

This brilliant and hilarious Diesel video, created by Shackleton and seeded by The Viral Factory, tells the poignant tale of Quique the Head, an Argentinean man born without a body but with plenty of hope and attitude. Quique faces all sorts of physical and emotional challenges, but he’s determined to live a full and exciting life.

The video’s presented as a clip from a tabloid-style show called Oustanding Lives, whose over-the-top announcer outdoes himself with lines like: “Quique’s head is not only full of strangely arranged organs, it’s also full of dreams.”

There are loads of great little details, and the product—a new line of Diesel helmets—is seamlessly woven into the narrative as well. Quique is constantly rolling off tables and down stairs, and can use all the protection he can get.

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Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

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Oprah and her Chicago Flash Mob

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