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RTE takes lead from Nile TV

State-run station rejects new Newstalk TV ad after taking a leaf out of Nile TV’s book and rejecting anything that doesn’t toe the party line! The new TV ad from Newstalk is a continuation of their hard hitting outdoor campaign and again carries the “Get the news without the State-run spin” message which is presumable why RTE have refused to air the TV ad in its current form.

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New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

An expanding, grody pink blob that takes over a suburban home and eventually smashes through the windows in this spot by Colenso BBDO for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

The agency also created an installation in downtown Auckland, with an initially tiny blob growing so large it blocked the street. Local white-collar types didn’t seem to mind, and the well-intentioned stunt made the nightly news, drawing attention to the cause.

The New Zealand campaign successfully treads the middle ground: It’s “wacky” enough to catch viewers’ attention and slightly sinister, emphasizing that early detection can avert problems before they grow out of all proportion.

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Weetabix Steeplechase

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Heather Graham urges American insurance firms to get back into the game

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Windows 7 viral – Lets have aparty

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Doritos – The Asylum

Just when you thought that it was safe to come out from under your desk, Doritos goes and launches a re-imagining of last year’s deliciously horrifying Hotel 626 immersive web experience – complete with interactive challenges, trouser-soiling cut scenes and increased integration across social media platforms.

Go grab a change of underwear and hold on tight… its the Asylum

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Google Wave teams up with Tarantino

Still not sure what this whole Google Wave thing is about?

Although there’s at least one really good video that breaks down the socially collaborative e-mail app, none does it as entertainingly than this one, which incorporates the “Big Kahuna” scene from Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 masterpiece Pulp Fiction.

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The Closet

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Doritos Guitar Hero

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Channel 4 link up with Youtube


YouTube and Channel 4 are reportedly about to strike a deal to stream the broadcaster’s content and advertising in full on the video sharing site.

The Telegraph reports that the Google-owned site and Channel 4 have been in talks for at least the last six months and a contract is expected to be signed imminently.

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