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RTE takes lead from Nile TV

State-run station rejects new Newstalk TV ad after taking a leaf out of Nile TV’s book and rejecting anything that doesn’t toe the party line! The new TV ad from Newstalk is a continuation of their hard hitting outdoor campaign and again carries the “Get the news without the State-run spin” message which is presumable why RTE have refused to air the TV ad in its current form.


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Quinn sponsorship of Late Late Show – scaremongering by the Indo


The Sunday Independent published an article yesterday about how the Quinn Group sponsorship of the Late Late Show could be a conflict of interest in the event that the current affairs could have some difficulty discussing the banking crisis or other areas of business that the Quinn Group are involved in.

What rubbish!

If thats the case then surely any of the other RTE current affairs shows both radio and TV find it difficult to cover topics linked to any of RTE’s major sponsors/advertisers. Which brings me to my final point does the Independent Group have any issues of conflict of interest when covering similar topics while accepting advertising from financial instituitions.

It really was a slow news week.

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