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Cavan goes pumkin for festival

Launch of Virginia Pumpkin Festival.

Pictured are Emily (right, 4) and Paddy (8) Breslin at the launch of the 2010 Virginia Pumpkin Festival in Virginia, Co. Cavan.

This year’s festival takes place from 22nd – 25th October 2010 and will feature chart topper Imelda May who will perform live at the marquee on Saturday 23rd October.

For further information and tickets visit Virginia Pumpkin

Photo: Photocall Ireland

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Birdseye bring back Roland Rat


Birds Eye has signed up 80s kids favourite and ‘saviour of TV-AM’ Roland Rat to promote the relaunch of the dessert Birds Eye Supermousse.

Birds Eye is setting up a Facebook page where the rodent will host an 80’s quiz offering branded space hoppers as prizes. He will also be used in a series of interviews to ‘pr’ the launch.

Supermousse was axed by Birds Eye in the late 80s. Now it is looking to take advantage of the current popularity of relaunched 80s foods such as Cadbury’s chocolate brand Wispa.


However while Wispa’s relaunch was instigated by a 14,000-strong Facebook group, the backing for Supermousse has taken a lower profile.

There is a ‘Bring Back Birds Eye Supermousse’ Facebook group however at the time of writing it only has four members. Of these one has posted a message claiming he has bought the relaunched product in Asda and it is not the same as the 80’s original.

And just in case you forgot who Roland is, here’s a little gentle reminder.

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Kellogs gets the laser treatment


According to the advertising slogan, if you see Kellogg’s on the box then you know it’s Kellogg’s in the box.

But now the company has become so concerned about similarly packaged supermarket cereals, it has developed a laser to burn its logo on to individual Corn Flakes.

The concentrated beam of light creates a toasted appearance without changing the taste.

Kellogg’s will produce a number of trial batches before considering whether to put some branded flakes into each box to guarantee authenticity.

If the system is successful it could be used on Kellogg’s other best-loved brands including Frosties, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Bran Flakes.

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Channel 4 link up with Youtube


YouTube and Channel 4 are reportedly about to strike a deal to stream the broadcaster’s content and advertising in full on the video sharing site.

The Telegraph reports that the Google-owned site and Channel 4 have been in talks for at least the last six months and a contract is expected to be signed imminently.

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Glanbia go on PR offensive


Glanbia today kick off a PR offensive aimed at regaining the significant market share that they have lost to cut-price retailers.

The dairy giant today also announced major reductions to the price which it charges retailers for its range of milk brands.  These price reductions are likely to mean a saving of a minimum of 10% per 2 litre pack of milk.

Pictured enjoying a glass of milk thanks to Glanbias price reduction announcement are model Aisling Pugh and her daughter Alannah Pugh.

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Timberland anti-fatigue boots

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Kaká from all angles

Here’s some fun for the footie-fans, Kaka can be seen in some exclusively online footage which demonstrates the clarity and smoothness of the HD picture on Sony’s BRAVIA TVs. Or at least that’s the idea – you would have to see a real Sony Bravia TV to get the real deal.

The unique feature of this footage is that you can control the camera angles yourself – clicking on screen when you see the icon navigates you to another clip showing a different shot of Kaka.

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Diesel Helmets

This brilliant and hilarious Diesel video, created by Shackleton and seeded by The Viral Factory, tells the poignant tale of Quique the Head, an Argentinean man born without a body but with plenty of hope and attitude. Quique faces all sorts of physical and emotional challenges, but he’s determined to live a full and exciting life.

The video’s presented as a clip from a tabloid-style show called Oustanding Lives, whose over-the-top announcer outdoes himself with lines like: “Quique’s head is not only full of strangely arranged organs, it’s also full of dreams.”

There are loads of great little details, and the product—a new line of Diesel helmets—is seamlessly woven into the narrative as well. Quique is constantly rolling off tables and down stairs, and can use all the protection he can get.

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To Arthur

guinness party

A major “piss-up in a brewery” took place in Dublin yesterday evening to mark Arthurs Day to mark 250 years of that famous Irish brand, Guinness.

Kasabian, Estelle, Tom Jones and Dizzee Rascal played a gig in the famous Guinness’ Dublin brewery.

At the same time as the main show, a series of gigs were staged across the Irish capital, featuring over 60 artists playing in 33 venues, ranging from concert halls to tiny pubs.

Among those playing were The Enemy, Razorlight, Fionn Regan, Natalie Imbruglia, Richard Hawley, Roots Manuva and Supergrass offshoot The Hot Rats.

Events to mark the anniversary were also taking place across the globe, with Sean Paul playing in Lagos, while Black Eyed Peas were in Kuala Lumpur. A Guinness show was also held in New York.

This huge marketing and PR event is sure to reap alot of benefits for our iconic brand.

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Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

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