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Mini Cooper unwrapped

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Sarcastic billboard of the day


Compliments of Irish Times hack, Shane Hegarty, via Twitter.

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Live Green – Toronto


I just love this outdoor work.

The outdoor ad titled Switch was done by Agency59 advertising agency for (Livegreen company) in Canada.

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Bucharest – Police take the piss


In Bucharest, a majority of the drunk drivers are men. Most of them drive under the influence after drinking in bars or clubs. That’s where these sobriety testing urinal ads come in.

“Because its nearly impossible to drink while out, without going to the toilet, the urinals in the mens bathrooms were transformed into active reminder of the reduced ability to drive when drunk.”

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Oprah and her Chicago Flash Mob

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Pembroke, Bloom and Radical deliver Ireland a summer, at last


We just love this campaign ‘Ireland deserves sun‘ from Radical, Bloom and Pembroke Communications. Launched last May the integrated camapign has been responsible for a sharp increase in sales.

The campaign plays on the fact that we have dreadful weather during the summer and very cleverly placed social media at the centre of the campaign.

Facebook  users are encouraged to harness the rain-defying forces of the Child of Prague, prompting them to submit dozens of pictures of the statues in various incarnations, and prompting Sandtex to give out 1,000 of the little fellas as prizes.

Who says you have to have a very sexy product in order to do some award winning marketing. This campaign will definitely take some awards and it looks like it has even delivered us the summer, at last.

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Yes to Lisbon – No to Lisbon

lisbon ff

The photocall launch of the Fianna Fail Yes-to-Lisbon campaign got a little confusing yesterday when Sinn Fein protesters calling for a NO vote turned up and stood amongst the Fianna Failers outside the Royal College of Physicians in Kidare Street, Dublin.

Poor PR stunt by Sinn Féin.

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Tease & Reveal Tel Aviv style


BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv have applied to the Guinness Book of Records for having created the world’s largest dress. The 100 square meter garment appears on a huge billboard in Tel Aviv, part of a campaign for a new fly-on-the-wall documentary showing on HOT cable TV.

The series, called ‘Connected’, follows the private lives of five different women, who document every detail of their daily routine with hand-held video cameras. Wiewers can watch all of the footage live, 24 hours a day.

The 6-storey high wall billboard features the cast of the show in full size, with the main character wearing the record-breaking dress which reveals all to passersby below – just as the the show promises to ‘expose everything’.

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Franc launches new wedding title


Wedding planner extraordinaire Peter Kelly aka Franc gets chased by brides Sarah McGovern, Jenny Masterson and Sarah Morrissey, as they help launch ‘Franc Weddings Secrets’ which is part of Ireland`s newest wedding magazine from the publishers of RSVP. Franc Wedding Secrets will cater for brides on all budgets with wedding dresses ranging from cheap and cheerful to expensive and extravagant.

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Lisbon vote – PR stunts


The PR stunts for the upcoming Lisbon vote have kicked off today with the placing of a floating platform in the River Liffey.

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