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BNP – Censorship, where do we draw the line?


As the row continues to simmer about the appearance of the BNP’s Nick Griffin on the BBC’s Question Time programme we have to ask ourselves if banning the BNP from live TV is the right stance to take?

It’s not so long ago that we here in Ireland banned Sinn Féin members from the airwaves through legislation know as the broadcasting ban. This same party  now holds leadership positions in the devolved government in the north of Ireland and are regularly welcomed to places like 10 Downing Street and the Whitehouse. This is also the same party whose leaders or many of them have been responsible for maiming and killing thousands of people similar to the actions of those who founded this state.

On a daily basis we are exposed to images and media interviews of world leaders like George Bush, Obama and Gordon Brown across all media outlets. These are world leaders who are responsible for killing thousands if not millions of Iraqi’s and Afghans. The same world leaders who live in lavish luxury while half the world starves.

The catholic church whose hierarchy continue to be afforded the respect of those holding very high office and who are usually seated at the top tables of most family weddings continue to preach from the dark ages. It’s not so long ago that gays and lesbians were not recognised by this state and the catholic church. The same catholic church that disapproves of contraception whether it be for family planning or to prevent the spread of killer diseases like AIDs.

OK, I’m gone off on a little rant but while I’m no fan of the BNP I do think that trying to censor them only plays into their hands by supplying them with the oxygen that helps their propaganda machine breath. If we are going to censor them for holding very extreme views should we not also ban all of the above and many more??

Censorship is a real old media stance afterall its virtually impossible to censor groups like the BNP in the new media age we live in.

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UK readers continue to flock online for daily news


Consumers continue to move online for news, with nearly all national newspaper websites showing growth in traffic year on year in September.

 The MailOnline saw a huge leap of 74% in its unique users according to ABC figures for the month of September. The site has become a haven for readers searching for celebrity led content and now has an average of 30m users each day.

The Mirror saw its traffic jump 58% to 8.9m users. This is in contrast with a fall in circulation for the print edition of the daily paper of 9% in September.

The Sun online was up 47% for its unique users in the month. News International’s broadsheet title, The Times however, fell 8% year on year making it the worst performing national newspaper website in September.

The climbed 42% in users, giving it a daily average of 32.9m users, the biggest of any national newspaper site. The print title was down 10% in the month however.

The Telegraph online showed a 36% increase in users in September taking it to an average of 31m users.

All in all September showed a healthier market for national news papers. While all print titles, excluding the Daily Star and the Daily Star on Sunday, saw a decline in circulation, for most this was a single figure drop.

The Independent is still struggling to maintain circulation however, with a 16% fall in September for the daily edition and a 14% drop for its Sunday title. The Observer also saw a double digit fall of 15% and The Times only just crept into double digits with a 10% drop in circulation.

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Mail pulls ads as old media clashes with new


The Daily Mail online has pulled advertising running alongside a comment piece by Jan Moir, which has caused a furore over its statements relating to Boyzone singer Stephen Gately’s death.

There are no problems with ads on other pages on, but the banner, skyscraper and rich media placements on the article by Jan Moir now contain house ads.

There was never any doubt that a piece like this was going to cause controversy but its unclear who pulled the ads.

Little did Moir or her editors know that this piece would go nuclear across the social media and online world and cause such a spat between old media and new.

Of course, Moir is entitled to her opinion, free speech and all that and readers are just as entitled to have a go at her.

Moir believes that there is more to the death of Gately but she fails to back up her innuendo with any fact about the circumstances around the death.

Either way the piece caused enough of a stir for the Mail to take the drastic measures of removing the online ads in what is a classic example of old media versus new media.

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Ben Dunne turns hack

ben dunne

Hot on the heals of Bertie Ahern taking up a position as a columnist in an Irish tabloid, Ben Dunne has confirmed that he will be writing for the Irish Sun as part of their Value Campaign.

The campaign is a drive to strengthen consumer rights and empower people to take more control of their personal finances in the grip of the recession.

Every Saturday, Ben Dunne, low cost hero and former director of Dunnes Stores, will highlight the best deals around in his column, including ‘Ben’s Best Bargains of the Week’.

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Quinn sponsorship of Late Late Show – scaremongering by the Indo


The Sunday Independent published an article yesterday about how the Quinn Group sponsorship of the Late Late Show could be a conflict of interest in the event that the current affairs could have some difficulty discussing the banking crisis or other areas of business that the Quinn Group are involved in.

What rubbish!

If thats the case then surely any of the other RTE current affairs shows both radio and TV find it difficult to cover topics linked to any of RTE’s major sponsors/advertisers. Which brings me to my final point does the Independent Group have any issues of conflict of interest when covering similar topics while accepting advertising from financial instituitions.

It really was a slow news week.

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Daily Mail reckons robbers were tired

daily mail

If these guys were tired then possibly they were up much earlier than the Daily Mail.

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C4 and Sky to merge advertising teams


Talks between the two broadcasters have taking place for some time but it has been reported that terms for a deal have been agreed.

A Channel 4 source said: “Channel 4 and Sky’s sales teams are to merge. Andy Duncan, [C4’s chief executive] wanted a deal to go through and has been leading the Sky talks with Andy Barnes [C4’s sales director].

“The merger will allow both companies to make huge savings, lower headcounts and run a more streamlined operation. There is unrest at Channel 4 about this decision.”

Potential synergies between the two companies could see the headcount of both sales teams cut by 50pc.

Both C4 and BSkyB declined to comment. However, it is understood the broadcasters are unwilling to announce the joint venture until the Competition Commission publishes its recommendations about regulations governing ITV’s advertising sales in six weeks.

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2fm continues to lose listeners

gerry ryan

According to Ken Sweeney over at the Sunday Tribune RTE management are about to kick off a major strategic review of 2fm after a massive decline in their listenership.

Gerry Ryan’s morning show lost 11,000 listeners while the Colm and Jim-Jim Breakfast Show lost 3,000.

“It would be very unreasonable not to be looking very closely at these figures and asking ourselves what needs to be done,” Clare Duignan, RTÉ’s managing director of radio, said at the time.

RTÉ has denied that any relaunch of 2fm will take place this year as a result of the review’s findings, after rumours circulated that this could take place as early as September.

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The Economist – Let your mind wonder

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Murdoch newspapers pay for cover-up


What a cracking piece of journalism over at the Guardian by veteran hack Nick Davies.

Davies has uncovered new information to prove that Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers has paid out more than £1m to settle legal cases that threatened to reveal evidence of his journalists’ repeated involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories.

The payments secured secrecy over out-of-court settlements in three cases that threatened to expose evidence of Murdoch journalists using private investigators who illegally hacked into the mobile phone messages of numerous public figures and to gain unlawful access to confidential personal data including tax records, social security files, bank statements and itemised phone bills. Cabinet ministers, MPs, actors and sports stars were all targets of the private investigators.

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