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Kellogs gets the laser treatment


According to the advertising slogan, if you see Kellogg’s on the box then you know it’s Kellogg’s in the box.

But now the company has become so concerned about similarly packaged supermarket cereals, it has developed a laser to burn its logo on to individual Corn Flakes.

The concentrated beam of light creates a toasted appearance without changing the taste.

Kellogg’s will produce a number of trial batches before considering whether to put some branded flakes into each box to guarantee authenticity.

If the system is successful it could be used on Kellogg’s other best-loved brands including Frosties, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Bran Flakes.

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Boyne Valley kids promotion


Miriam O’Callaghan pictured with Finn and Saoirse Burton launching the Boyne Valley Honey’s Book of Kells National Schools competition at the Long Hall in Trinity College Dublin.

Primary, secondary and third level students and adults have the chance to win one of three copies of the Fine Art Facsimilie of The Book of Kells.

Entrants are invited to submit a work of art on the subject of their choice based on wither the Book of Kells itself, the monks who illustrated it or life in 9th Century Ireland.

Enter here

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Boyles pull race sponsorship


The Curragh Racecourse is currently looking for a new sponsor for the Irish Guineas Festival following the recent decision of Boylesports to end their six year association with the race meeting.

Mark Nunan, Head of Marketing for Boylesports commented, “The Irish Guineas Festival has been an excellent sponsorship for us and we would like to thank the Curragh for their help over the last six years.

However, due to a change in our strategic marketing plans for 2010 and beyond, we have made the decision not to renew the contract. Over the term of the relationship, The Irish Guineas Festival has provided us with a strong branding and promotional platform for our core territories of Ireland and the UK.

We will continue to look at opportunities in horse racing and will not rule out further involvement with the Curragh in the future.”

It is believed that Boyles Sports will also pull out of their sponsorship agreement with Sunderland FC at the end of the current season.

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Campaign opens up to Bloggers


The Ireland For Europe group have agreed to hold a briefing for bloggers and digital media in their campaign HQ, Harcourt Rd, this Tuesday evening at 6pm.

This event is NOT an opportunity for the group to impose their Lisbon views upon those in attendance but more a chance for bloggers to get a better insight into the campaign, have queries answered and a chance to interview/photograph the personalities/strategists behind the campaign.

Some will correctly say that this event should have been held earlier in the campaign but better late than never. As we enter the crucial final days of the campaign what better time to get an update from the key players. To my knowledge no other parties involved in this campaign have engaged bloggers on this scale.

If you are interested in coming along please let me know asap as numbers are extremely limited and by invitation only.  Email:

Please note that none of the contributors to Brand Ireland work for the Ireland for Europe group. We have simply pitched this idea to them and they have kindly agreed to open up their campaign war office.

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To Arthur

guinness party

A major “piss-up in a brewery” took place in Dublin yesterday evening to mark Arthurs Day to mark 250 years of that famous Irish brand, Guinness.

Kasabian, Estelle, Tom Jones and Dizzee Rascal played a gig in the famous Guinness’ Dublin brewery.

At the same time as the main show, a series of gigs were staged across the Irish capital, featuring over 60 artists playing in 33 venues, ranging from concert halls to tiny pubs.

Among those playing were The Enemy, Razorlight, Fionn Regan, Natalie Imbruglia, Richard Hawley, Roots Manuva and Supergrass offshoot The Hot Rats.

Events to mark the anniversary were also taking place across the globe, with Sean Paul playing in Lagos, while Black Eyed Peas were in Kuala Lumpur. A Guinness show was also held in New York.

This huge marketing and PR event is sure to reap alot of benefits for our iconic brand.

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Apprentice forced to re-edit


The production behind the Irish edition of The Apprentice programme have been forced to re-edit every episode of the new series after a run-in with the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI).

According to todays Sunday Tribune, one episode of the show last season contravened the advertising code, by giving “undue prominence” to Renault products and logos, a company linked to programme mentor Bill Cullen.

Larry Bass, CEO of Screentime ShinAwiL, the company which makes The Apprentice, said, “After the BCI’s investigation into the show last year, this season we have been incredibly careful. Each episode of the new series was viewed by four lawyers, a lawyer representing us, a lawyer representing TV3, and two outside lawyers to make sure that, in their opinion, no product was given undue prominence.”

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New 11850 – behind the scenes

Here’s a brief behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new 11850 TV spot from Bloom Advertising.

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Solidarity update






Steven Ruane and the guys at Midpoint Creative in Tralee  Co. Kerry having been putting some creative ideas together for Solidarity.

The brief was probably the simplest they’ve ever had. The creative had to in some way represent a coming together, solidarity and even a mini-revolution.

I think that they have captured this very well with the above.

My favourite is the third from top.

Lets have your feedback. Comment below or email us at:


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Ben Dunne turns hack

ben dunne

Hot on the heals of Bertie Ahern taking up a position as a columnist in an Irish tabloid, Ben Dunne has confirmed that he will be writing for the Irish Sun as part of their Value Campaign.

The campaign is a drive to strengthen consumer rights and empower people to take more control of their personal finances in the grip of the recession.

Every Saturday, Ben Dunne, low cost hero and former director of Dunnes Stores, will highlight the best deals around in his column, including ‘Ben’s Best Bargains of the Week’.

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Yes to Lisbon – No to Lisbon

lisbon ff

The photocall launch of the Fianna Fail Yes-to-Lisbon campaign got a little confusing yesterday when Sinn Fein protesters calling for a NO vote turned up and stood amongst the Fianna Failers outside the Royal College of Physicians in Kidare Street, Dublin.

Poor PR stunt by Sinn Féin.

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