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Diesel Helmets

This brilliant and hilarious Diesel video, created by Shackleton and seeded by The Viral Factory, tells the poignant tale of Quique the Head, an Argentinean man born without a body but with plenty of hope and attitude. Quique faces all sorts of physical and emotional challenges, but he’s determined to live a full and exciting life.

The video’s presented as a clip from a tabloid-style show called Oustanding Lives, whose over-the-top announcer outdoes himself with lines like: “Quique’s head is not only full of strangely arranged organs, it’s also full of dreams.”

There are loads of great little details, and the product—a new line of Diesel helmets—is seamlessly woven into the narrative as well. Quique is constantly rolling off tables and down stairs, and can use all the protection he can get.

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To Arthur

guinness party

A major “piss-up in a brewery” took place in Dublin yesterday evening to mark Arthurs Day to mark 250 years of that famous Irish brand, Guinness.

Kasabian, Estelle, Tom Jones and Dizzee Rascal played a gig in the famous Guinness’ Dublin brewery.

At the same time as the main show, a series of gigs were staged across the Irish capital, featuring over 60 artists playing in 33 venues, ranging from concert halls to tiny pubs.

Among those playing were The Enemy, Razorlight, Fionn Regan, Natalie Imbruglia, Richard Hawley, Roots Manuva and Supergrass offshoot The Hot Rats.

Events to mark the anniversary were also taking place across the globe, with Sean Paul playing in Lagos, while Black Eyed Peas were in Kuala Lumpur. A Guinness show was also held in New York.

This huge marketing and PR event is sure to reap alot of benefits for our iconic brand.

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Ant & Dec to front Nintendo campaign

ant dec

Ant and Dec have landed a multi-million pound deal to become the new faces of Nintendo.

The popular presenters will star in a series of adverts and challenge members of the public on the Wii and DS consoles in their own living rooms.

The ads will hit screens next month – and the duo are delighted to be fronting the brand.

Ant says, “My Nintendo kept us entertained for hours in the PJ and Duncan years.”

Each of the stars will net £1 million for the new campaign.

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Impulse links up with A|wear


Impulse, has hooked up with Irish high street chain, A|wear, to create an exclusive a collection of 20 fashion forward pieces for the new season.

The campaign is being fronted by Ireland’s MTV Presenter Laura Whitmore. Impulse has invested heavily to position themselves with a slightly older audience of late teens/early 20s.

To add an online element to the campaign, Impulse has launched a pop-up style blog Impulse Style blog which will feature stylish 18-24 year olds Impulse fans from around the country.

Another great campaign by the guys @ Thinkhouse PR

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Daring viral stunt by HTC

This is a daring campaign from HTC as it is the first time the company has dipped into the world of consumer branding. These online films are a brave but successful move for the company.

In the first of the two videos, we see some very clever branding for the HTC Hero phone, but, most of all, the video is compelling and sparks discussion. How was it made and who are the Street heroes? You just want to find out what they are up to.

The second installment, taken from the headcam perspective, offers even fewer clues as to the company – but more content like this is excellent to make everything look credible.

You are then invited to go to a MySpace page to learn more about this crazy bus-jumping crew. Great fun, strong user engagement and effective subtle branding that has triggered many fruitful discussions for HTC.

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Doritos iD3 goes live


Doritos much-buzzed iD3 campaign, which invites users to guess the flavour of its mystery bag, has rolled out its advergame, which uses Facebook Connect to integrate users’ profiles directly into the game.

The digital-heavy campaign rolled out last week, inviting customers to guess the mystery flavour at the iD3 microsite for a chance to win £20,000.

The game blends live action footage with 3D interaction, sound recognition, interactive scenes, and film content giving the experience of a professional cinematic production.

To play the game, customers must insert a promotional code found on the inside of the iD3 bag, which gives the user six “lives”.

The advergame is integrated with Facebook Connect, which enables a personalised experience for Doritos fans by inserting content from their Facebook profiles into the film.

Where most applications of the Facebook Connect technology use it simply to populate a profile, iD3 uses it to personalise the narrative and extend the game from the website into Facebook.

Support for the campaign has been shrouded in mystery – with grassroots seeding and an exclusive blogger outreach programme.

A live Twitter feed and Facebook fan page will keep Doritos fans up-to-date with the adventure.

The campaign has only recently launched, and yet Doritos iD3 is already gaining attention on blogs, forums, reviews and Twitter. There is high engagement on the brands Facebook fan page, with hundreds of fans guessing the mystery flavour.

You can check it out here

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