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Birdseye bring back Roland Rat


Birds Eye has signed up 80s kids favourite and ‘saviour of TV-AM’ Roland Rat to promote the relaunch of the dessert Birds Eye Supermousse.

Birds Eye is setting up a Facebook page where the rodent will host an 80’s quiz offering branded space hoppers as prizes. He will also be used in a series of interviews to ‘pr’ the launch.

Supermousse was axed by Birds Eye in the late 80s. Now it is looking to take advantage of the current popularity of relaunched 80s foods such as Cadbury’s chocolate brand Wispa.


However while Wispa’s relaunch was instigated by a 14,000-strong Facebook group, the backing for Supermousse has taken a lower profile.

There is a ‘Bring Back Birds Eye Supermousse’ Facebook group however at the time of writing it only has four members. Of these one has posted a message claiming he has bought the relaunched product in Asda and it is not the same as the 80’s original.

And just in case you forgot who Roland is, here’s a little gentle reminder.

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Snow White becomes Ho White

ho white

A new ad from Australia’s Jamieson Brewery shows a whole different side of Disney’s Snow White.

They’ve turned her into “Ho White,” a floozy who lounges around naked in bed, blowing smoke rings, next to her brood of shag-mates, the Seven Dwarfs.

Created by an agency called The Foundry, the ad is part of a campaign that positions the brewer’s raspberry ale as “Anything but sweet.”

According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, the dwarfs were given new names like Filthy, Smarmy and Randy.

We wouldn’t know, because The Foundry has pulled the campaign materials off its Web site after admitting, somewhat ominously, that the agency had “a little bit of contact” with Disney about the ad.

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Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

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Pembroke, Bloom and Radical deliver Ireland a summer, at last


We just love this campaign ‘Ireland deserves sun‘ from Radical, Bloom and Pembroke Communications. Launched last May the integrated camapign has been responsible for a sharp increase in sales.

The campaign plays on the fact that we have dreadful weather during the summer and very cleverly placed social media at the centre of the campaign.

Facebook  users are encouraged to harness the rain-defying forces of the Child of Prague, prompting them to submit dozens of pictures of the statues in various incarnations, and prompting Sandtex to give out 1,000 of the little fellas as prizes.

Who says you have to have a very sexy product in order to do some award winning marketing. This campaign will definitely take some awards and it looks like it has even delivered us the summer, at last.

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WWF controversial 9/11 ad – creatives sacked


This is the controversial ad that the Brazilian ad agency DDB ‘made on spec’  as part of a pitch but rejected by the WWF.

The newspaper advert features dozens of planes on a collision course for New York landmarks, beneath the slogan: “The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11” and the environmental charity’s panda logo.

It was apparently intended to raise awareness of the greater dangers posed by environmental disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, in comparison to terrorist attacks.

Reports claim hat it was published only once in a small Brazilian newspaper at the agency’s expense – apparently so that it would be eligible for awards. A video version of the advert has also been obtained by Gawker, the New York gossip blog .

This seems to be a complete overreaction to this ad. Yes 9/11 was a terrible outrage committed by terrorists. Yes natural disasters can be much worse than terrorist attacks but why whats wrong with the comparison? It seems that DDB sacked the creatives behind the ad even though the local office of the WWF signed-off on the ad. Hardly fair.

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Iceland part company with Kerry Katona


So Iceland has finally gone and dumped Kerry Katona after a four year relationship. The move follows a News of the World exclusive revealing Katone as a cocaine user.

Several commentators in the past have called for Katona to be sacked from her role as brand ambassador for the food retailer but the reality is that she was the perfect fit for the brand.

Kerry Katona who lounges around all day in a tracksuit, has kids to several different fathers, is divorced, bankrupt, takes drugs, smokes, drinks while pregnant is the perfect role model for chav Britain, Iceland’s target market.

So up until Katona was exposed taking drugs Iceland were quite happy for her to endorse their products. Who else would attract so much media coverage for them?

PS. Is there any chance that this could actually be a set-up by Kerry Katona herself? Unlikely, but just a thought that went through my mind.

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Lego protect their brand

Lego has prohibited parody rock band Spinal Tap from including a stop-motion video of Lego characters performing the song ‘Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight’ in a concert DVD of their ‘Unwigged and Unplugged’ tour, citing copyright infringement.

The stop-action video, created by US teenager Coleman Hickey in 2007, is a YouTube hit with over 82,000 views and features Spinal Tap Lego characters singing, playing guitar and crowd surfing on top of their Lego fans.

Lego declined to grant permission to use its figures, which are protected by copyright.

Julie Stern, a spokeswoman for Lego Systems, the US division of the Lego Group, told The New York Times: “We love that our fans are so passionate and so creative with our products.

“But it had some inappropriate language, and the tone wasn’t appropriate for our target audience of kids 6 to 12.”

Lego said it had not removed Hickey’s stop-action video from YouTube, along with many others like it, because the video-sharing site “is a less commercial use”.

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Tayto do a Wispa


Irish favourite brand Tayto re-launches its Spring Onion Flavour after dedicated superfan Kaye Morrisson, right, launched an appeal on 2FM’s Gerry Ryan Show.

Tayto Spring Onion arrive back on shelves from 24th August. Helping Kaye to re-launch Tayto Spring Onion are model Nadia Forde and Mr. Tayto himself.

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The importance of the web for brands

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C4 and Sky to merge advertising teams


Talks between the two broadcasters have taking place for some time but it has been reported that terms for a deal have been agreed.

A Channel 4 source said: “Channel 4 and Sky’s sales teams are to merge. Andy Duncan, [C4’s chief executive] wanted a deal to go through and has been leading the Sky talks with Andy Barnes [C4’s sales director].

“The merger will allow both companies to make huge savings, lower headcounts and run a more streamlined operation. There is unrest at Channel 4 about this decision.”

Potential synergies between the two companies could see the headcount of both sales teams cut by 50pc.

Both C4 and BSkyB declined to comment. However, it is understood the broadcasters are unwilling to announce the joint venture until the Competition Commission publishes its recommendations about regulations governing ITV’s advertising sales in six weeks.

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