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Irish Appys fall @ the first hurdle

The very first exclusively Irish mobile application awards (The Appys) announced their shortlists yesterday to much controversy. While a mobile app specific awards should be welcomed it doesn’t bode well when straight out of the blocks the awards seems to have made a blunder at best or have tried to pull a fast one at worst.

 The main controversy relates to specific apps on the shortlist that weren’t even launched (or live on the app store) before the 1st or 2nd closing date for award submissions.

 The explanation for this ):

This app was loaded onto devises prior to closing date and judged under proviso it made the store before shortlist” – @the_appys

 Doesn’t hold water when you look at the application and judging criteria:

 “Describe the Application (what it does, what platform(s) it runs on, who it’s aimed at, who built it, is it branded, is it paid or free, when it was launched, and what category (or categories) it fits into?” –

 So basically what the Appys are saying is that the judges scored apps that weren’t launched, that weren’t approved by Apple and that weren’t available to the public on the app store! This raises a number of serious questions:

–       Are the apps that the judging panel scored on the same as the apps that were ultimately accepted by Apple and made available on the App store?

–       Was the shortlist announcement delayed to allow these apps to launch or go live on the app store? And if so how long were they willing to delay the shortlist announcement?

–       Was it made publically known that apps not available on the app store at the submission closing date were acceptable as long as they were launched/live before the shortlists/awards???

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New rules for bloggers


American bloggers will be forced to declare any interest in products reviewed or discussed in their blogs under new rules announced on Monday by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC’s revisions to its existing guidance are intended as an aid to advertisers to keep their work within the FTC Act, part of which covers endorsements by consumers, experts, organisations, and celebrities, as well as the disclosure of important connections between advertisers and endorsers. They will come into force on December 1 this year.

The FTC revisions reflect growing concern about the use of social media, such as blogs and networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, as undeclared advertising fronts for commercial entities, a practice that has come to be known as “astroturfing”.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, protection from such unscrupulous practices already exists, under the terms of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, which came into force in May 2008.

“The UK and Europe is actually ahead of the game on this one,” Struan Robertson, a legal director with the internet law specialists Pinsent Masons, told The Times. “Under the terms of the regulations, failing to declare that editorial content has been paid for is punishable by up to two years in prison, and falsely representing yourself as an individual when you are a company is a crime.”

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The Social Media Guru

Who/what agency within Irish online space does this remind you of  ????

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IKEA Heights – The new Dallas

Picked this up over at Adland Ireland, hope that Nick fella doesnt mind.

It seems that there is more than this one episode, here.

This bold marketing stunt has even been picked up by the LA Times.

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D’oh!! – Its only Play-Doh

play doh 1

play doh 4

An example of some very clever marketing all the way from Singapore via Ugly Doggy.

The guys behind Play-Doh are trying to get the simple message across to parents that no matter what the Play-Doh is used to make, it remains safe for kids.

The clever imagery also gets the message across that Paly-Doh is versitile and can be moulded into just about anything thus stimulating the childs mind through creativity.

Thanks to our regular contributor @achgohairithe for sending it in.

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Pembroke, Bloom and Radical deliver Ireland a summer, at last


We just love this campaign ‘Ireland deserves sun‘ from Radical, Bloom and Pembroke Communications. Launched last May the integrated camapign has been responsible for a sharp increase in sales.

The campaign plays on the fact that we have dreadful weather during the summer and very cleverly placed social media at the centre of the campaign.

Facebook  users are encouraged to harness the rain-defying forces of the Child of Prague, prompting them to submit dozens of pictures of the statues in various incarnations, and prompting Sandtex to give out 1,000 of the little fellas as prizes.

Who says you have to have a very sexy product in order to do some award winning marketing. This campaign will definitely take some awards and it looks like it has even delivered us the summer, at last.

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WWF controversial 9/11 ad – creatives sacked


This is the controversial ad that the Brazilian ad agency DDB ‘made on spec’  as part of a pitch but rejected by the WWF.

The newspaper advert features dozens of planes on a collision course for New York landmarks, beneath the slogan: “The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11” and the environmental charity’s panda logo.

It was apparently intended to raise awareness of the greater dangers posed by environmental disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, in comparison to terrorist attacks.

Reports claim hat it was published only once in a small Brazilian newspaper at the agency’s expense – apparently so that it would be eligible for awards. A video version of the advert has also been obtained by Gawker, the New York gossip blog .

This seems to be a complete overreaction to this ad. Yes 9/11 was a terrible outrage committed by terrorists. Yes natural disasters can be much worse than terrorist attacks but why whats wrong with the comparison? It seems that DDB sacked the creatives behind the ad even though the local office of the WWF signed-off on the ad. Hardly fair.

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Solidarity – Update


Quick update on our solidarity initiative. We have had an overwhelming response from across the marketing and PR  industry, some of the biggest names in the business are coming on board which is fantastic.

Interestingly enough but hardly surprising, several politicians have expressed an interest but I think this is out of self-interest more than anything else. There has also been alot of interest from the media but we are holding back on briefing them until we firm up on our strategy.

Social Media, PR (old school and new), public affairs, copy-writing, strategy and media buying are very well represented so far. One area that we need a dig out with almost immediately is getting a web presence live for the project.  Any takers?

Email us at:

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Bing sales crash due to demand


Microsoft has prematurely ended its Bing Shopping double cashback promotion after the programme proved to be too successful.  

Three weeks ago Microsoft launched a double cashback promotion for its Bing Shopping search engine, where online retailers had their rebates matched by Microsoft for back-to-school shoppers who found deals using Bing.

The company set a cap on the total cashback offered, with a definite end date of August 30. Yesterday, Microsoft announced it would end the promotion four days earlier than expected. 

Visits to Bing Shopping soared after the double cashback offer was announced, according to Hitwise, and a number of retailers reported large traffic spikes coming through Bing.

A Microsoft spokesman said: “Due to an overwhelming, positive response from our Bing cashback shoppers, we’ve now closed our limited time back-to-school promotion where Microsoft increased the percentage of cashback rewards on behalf of retailers.”

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Bobbies replace the beat with a tweet


The UKs Metropolitan Police are spending thousands on consultants who are training them in the use of social networking sites like Twitter.

Police chiefs are anxious to see what is being said about their force by web savy members of the public.

The sites could also give police an early-warning system in the run-up to events such as this week’s Climate Camp in London, which has erupted in violence in the past.

With many mass demonstrations now being organised on the web, police say they need to make sure they are up to speed on what protesters are posting on the internet.

The Met has appointed 6Consulting, which uses software that harvests messages about the police from social networking sites and blogs.

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