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Irish Appys fall @ the first hurdle

The very first exclusively Irish mobile application awards (The Appys) announced their shortlists yesterday to much controversy. While a mobile app specific awards should be welcomed it doesn’t bode well when straight out of the blocks the awards seems to have made a blunder at best or have tried to pull a fast one at worst.

 The main controversy relates to specific apps on the shortlist that weren’t even launched (or live on the app store) before the 1st or 2nd closing date for award submissions.

 The explanation for this ):

This app was loaded onto devises prior to closing date and judged under proviso it made the store before shortlist” – @the_appys

 Doesn’t hold water when you look at the application and judging criteria:

 “Describe the Application (what it does, what platform(s) it runs on, who it’s aimed at, who built it, is it branded, is it paid or free, when it was launched, and what category (or categories) it fits into?” –

 So basically what the Appys are saying is that the judges scored apps that weren’t launched, that weren’t approved by Apple and that weren’t available to the public on the app store! This raises a number of serious questions:

–       Are the apps that the judging panel scored on the same as the apps that were ultimately accepted by Apple and made available on the App store?

–       Was the shortlist announcement delayed to allow these apps to launch or go live on the app store? And if so how long were they willing to delay the shortlist announcement?

–       Was it made publically known that apps not available on the app store at the submission closing date were acceptable as long as they were launched/live before the shortlists/awards???

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Latest ‘1984’ spoof casts Apple as the villain

Perhaps the most iconic ad of all time, Apple’s “1984” has been repurposed a hundred times over. But this is the first time I’ve seen it turned against its creator.

The international crew behind DoubleTwist, a media software that promises to put “your iTunes library on any device,” created this animated parody to promote its Oct. 6 launch.

So, how do you feel about Steve Jobs being cast as Big Brother? The open-source community has long felt this way about Apple’s “walled garden” approach to its devices. And with more than 220 million iPods sold worldwide, not to mention the 50 million iPhones and iPod Touches, there might be a valid claim that Jobs is indeed the Kaiser of Conformity.

But will a cross-device iTunes knockoff really end that? Or will it just tide you over a few more months until you can afford the Apple device you really want?

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