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10 responses to “Contact

  1. Was hoping to find some info as to who you are and where you work etc. Maybe even contact details.

  2. bangalorestartled

    A really nice advertisement I saw was from the Thomas Weber Hat company. Have you seen it?

    Check it out..;)

  3. I am with Roger, a good blog, but being anonymous detracts. Be proud of your work. 🙂

  4. naoise

    As above, I wondered who was writing. Also – could you add in RSS please? would like to subscribe.


  5. Greetings,

    wondering if you could drop me a line.. have a question for ya.



  6. enjoyed the site. being anon is nice sometimes (o: saves becoming just another name. well done, love the blog.

  7. I would be keen to know what people think of Nick Griffin and the BNP being on BBC….censorship v freedom of speech?

  8. ….i hope you stay anonymous 😉

    much more fun 😆

  9. Terry

    Anonimity allows you to snipe from sidelines, guttersnipe.

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