The guide to St. Valentines Day

Valentines-Day-Infographic-LastminutecomLove is in the air, so at we wanted to spread the love with our guide to Valentine’s Day.

The history of Valentine’s Day

Hundreds of years ago soldiers were not allowed to get married. So a Saint named Valentinus performed secret wedding ceremonies for soldiers. When news of these ceremonies broke, Valentinus was ordered to be put to death!

Whilst in prison, Valentinus managed to send a card and on it he signed “From your Valentine”. Legend says that he died on 14th February and now this day has been forever associated with love. Today an estimated one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent worldwide.
Around the world on Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day men show up at a lover’s house with a mariachi band to sing them love songs.


In Japan the men get it easy as traditionally women only give gifts to their lovers on Valentine’s Day.


Be careful how many roses you send to your partner in Taiwan – 108 roses mean “Will you marry me?”
Did you know? Love facts

The longest kiss lasted for 3,025 minutes – ouch!
Kissing for one minute burns two to five calories. That meant the longest kiss burnt over 15,000 calories – that’s over 58 burgers!
87 years is the longest recorded marriage – that’s 45 million minutes! Their secret? Make each other laugh.

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