New Heineken TV ad goes live on Facebook tonight

Press Release

Heineken® is launching a new ad titled ‘Brief Encounter’ on Tuesday 15th March at 7pm. This is the first execution from a new campaign developed locally by Heineken together with independent creative agency Rothco.

The new campaign featuring the brand’s new global tagline “Open Your World” will air in Ireland this month before being rolled out globally this year. It tells the story of subtle but universal beer moments that open people’s world to new and different experiences and depicts stories of consumers going to great lengths for their Heineken®. The ad will be premiered on-line on Facebook, before being screened in cinema and on TV.

‘Brief Encounter’, the first ad in the series, opens with the main character on board a train at a station. With barely enough time to grab a paper at the newsstand on the platform, he’s forced to run after the train as it leaves the station. On re-entering the carriage, he encounters a couple and witnesses the wife drinking from his bottle of Heineken®. Refusing to take this lying down, he enters the carriage in pursuit of his stolen Heineken® and finds himself in a surprising and somewhat intense situation.

That’s what this campaign is about – depicting great Heineken® stories. Walter Drenth, Marketing Director Heineken Ireland: ‘Heineken has always been a brand and a company that goes to great efforts in pursuit of excellence and this campaign flips the status quo and depicts the great stories that come about when consumers go to great lengths for their Heineken. Being open to new experiences can lead to legendary stories you share with others. This was the beginning of the thought journey that led to the creation of ‘Brief Encounter’’.

The commercial was shot by Stink Film’s Vaughan Arnell, in South Africa, with the main cast heralding from South Africa, Brazil and the UK. Power Solo by Kat Nazer provides the soundtrack.

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One response to “New Heineken TV ad goes live on Facebook tonight

  1. Ivan

    great ad. But why is everyone but the cast credited?

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