A stunning PR launch using female breast milk

At first when I heard about this stunt I thought the guys behind it made a bit of a boob but how wrong was I. As far a publicity stunts go this one is genius.

A small London ice cream company recently teamed up with publicity masters and parent website Mumsnet and Taylor Herring PR calling on mums to donate breast milk in return for payment. This was a publicity stunt to launch a new store for Icecreamists and what a stunt it turned out to be.

The ice cream, in case you are interested is made from fresh breast milk mixed with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, then blended into fresh ice cream, called Baby Gaga ice cream, genius.

Not surprisingly the ice cream sold-out within days but the story doesn’t end there. Westminster Council who sent officials to take sample of the product have banned the ice cream after several complaints from the public. The council has also sent samples for testing to see if the product is safe to sell although the guys at Icecreamists have confirmed that all breast milk used was tested and rigorously screened.




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