Podge & Rodge support Irish Cancer Society campaign

What an excellent campaign from the Irish Cancer Society to highlight the risks of bowel cancer and the barriers facing successful treatment.

‘My Brother’s Bowels’ is a short movie, produced by the Irish Cancer Society which is divided into three scenes. In scene one, Rodge describes the symptoms he is worried about (blood in his bowel motion, a feeling that he has not emptied his bowel fully after a bowel motion and pain in his back passage) to Podge and Podge insists that Rodge has a rectal examination. In scene two Rodge plays the patient and Rodge plays the doctor in the GP surgery. A discussion on what tests Rodge should have takes place and Podge suggests that Rodge should have a colonoscopy, the vital test to detect bowel cancer. In scene three, Rodge has had the colonoscopy and the results show that Podge does not have bowel cancer.

The campaign is also being supported by leading Irish PR firm Slattery Communications.


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One response to “Podge & Rodge support Irish Cancer Society campaign

  1. different way of bringing something so serious to peoples attention.
    – has to be more effective than the usual boring health warnings.

    well done ICS

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