Topaz and their dishonest Greenwash advertising

Topaz brand launch undermined as another ASAI complaint upheld.

Award winning Topaz energy launched their new brand on the back of their clean fuels which promised to be ‘good for your pocket and your planet’ but both claims on their core product have now discredited with yet another finding against them by ASAI.

In a clear case of what has become known as ‘Greenwash’ the first complaint upheld against Topaz found their use of the term ‘clean’ to describe their fuel to imply it had no adverse environmental effects, whereas the reality was that it is ordinary fuel with detergent in it like most other fuels commonly available. Topaz were barred from using the term ‘clean’ on advertising but as the ASAI’s remit does not extend to signage Topaz continue to describe the fuel as clean on their forecourts and tankers even though it has been found to be misleading by the independent authority.

Undeterred Topaz abandoned the environmental angle in their latest campaign and this time around focussed on that other holy grail of petrol marketing, namely fuel economy. The key message from this campaign is that Topaz fuel ‘will get you that bit further down the road’ and to support this unequivocal claim a comparison is made to ‘standard’ fuels in the small print.  However, the ASAI have found that this claim is misleading as the use of the term ‘Standard’, not unreasonably, could be taken to mean a comparison to all other fuel on the market or in other words average fuel. Whereas the reality is that the comparison is in fact being made to fuel without additive which is only supplied by minor brands. So unlike the iconic Duracell bunny a car with a tank full of Topaz fuel won’t get you any further down the road than fuel from any other major brand which is not impression you are left with from the TV ad.


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