HP launch Guinness brown sauce

Heinz UK has teamed up with our fav brand,  Guinness, to launch a new variant of HP Sauce for St Patrick’s Day.

The food manufacturer says the sauce will “blend the signature flavours of Guinness HP Sauce to create a distinct and unique sauce that will highlight the quality and strength of both brands”.

The launch will be supported with a digital PR campaign featuring former England rugby captain Phil Vickery. It will also be promoted in-store in both the sauce and beer aisles with sampling around St Patrick’s Day (17 March).



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5 responses to “HP launch Guinness brown sauce

  1. Aidan

    Excellent…perfect for that full Irish experience!!

  2. Paul Haworth

    Absolutely 1st class. Bought a bottle last week, bought two more today.

  3. Daniel

    where can i get Guinness Brown Sauce ?
    Tescos dont seem to know about it ?

    • contributor

      Its obviously UK only I’d say but should hit our shelves eventually. It is horrible stuff by the way, dont like it at all.

  4. Peg O'Connor

    I likes this sauce and converted my friends to it. Now its vanished off the supermarket shelves WHY//

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