Dangers of smoking

This student work from Sweden reveals a serious hidden danger of smoking: that it causes you to spontaneously combust at parties! Young people are getting used to catching on fire like this—it’s been happening to skateboarders, too. But from a smoker’s point of view, this is infinitely worse than another recently revealed side effect of smoking: that it causes people near you to catch on fire. “The metaphor, that smoking would be like setting fire to your own body, inspired and scared us at the same time,” say the creatives behind the ad. Unfortunately, the stylish approach here might inspire more young people to smoke rather than scare them away from it. Via Osocio.


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One response to “Dangers of smoking

  1. Very cool and very stylish indeed. I can’t help in agreeing that the edgy nature to this may be seen as cool by teens and may make them even more of a rebel in smoking. Same old story, very slick and well produced campaign that slightly runs the risk of missing the point.

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