Burger King – In the wrong hands

A Burger King advertising campaign has been banned after complaints the chicken burger shown was bigger than the real thing, a watchdog has said.

Two viewers said the TV advert for the Tendercrisp burger was misleading.

Britains Advertising Standards Authority said it bought three burgers and found their thickness and the overall height was “considerably less” than in the ad.

Burger King said it needed to show clearly all of a product’s ingredients in its advertising.

The television advert for the Tendercrisp chicken burger featured a man eating a large burger in a motel room before an angry-looking cow was shown standing in the doorway, with a voiceover saying: “So good, you’ll cheat on beef.”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said: “We also examined the size of the burgers in the hands of an average-sized man and considered that they did not fill the hands to the same extent as the burger featured in the advert.

“We concluded that the visuals in the advert were likely to mislead viewers as to the size and composition of the product.”

It ruled the advert should not appear again in its current form.

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One response to “Burger King – In the wrong hands

  1. I’m all for standards in advertising and all that but in this day and age anyone who expects their burger to look like it does in the picture deserves to be a little disappointed. It reminds me a little of the scene in Falling Down where Michael Douglas gets a little upset about the same issue.

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