Green Isle on hungerstrike while calling for boycott of all Green Isle products

Members of the TEEU trade union John Guinan and Jim Wyse who are in dispute with the Green Isle Foods factory in Naas County Kildare, at a press conference with TEEU General Secretary Designate, Eamon Devoy.

Jim Wyse enters his second week of a hunger strike and John Guinan starts his first day. They are in dispute with the company over the sacking of three men in July 2009.

Dispite the fact that the Labour Court has found that the men were unfairly dismissed, the company has refused to reinstate them. John Guinan was a member of the Offaly football team which won the All Ireland in 1982 and he and Jim Wyse will be joined by another striker every week until the matter is resolved.

An impressive online campaign has been launched online in support of the workers while calling for consumers to boycott one of Green Isles best known products Goodfellas Pizza. The campaign Facebook page here has attracted over one thousand fans.

This is a very brave move by the Green Isle workers lets hope their colleagues are reinstated.


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