Diesel’s Stupid Philosophy

Diesel’s new campaign from Anomaly London is just plain stupid. The risqué work celebrates stupidity as a kind of liberating antidote to intelligence, which, as we all know, can really ruin a good time. According to the brand’s “Be Stupid Philosophy” clip posted below: “Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life. Only stupid can be truly brilliant.” The memorable ad above shows a woman lifting her bikini bottom to take a snapshot as a lion approaches from behind. The headline: “Smart may have the brains. But stupid has the balls.”


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One response to “Diesel’s Stupid Philosophy

  1. Another one of the Ads read: “Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates.” – While I’m not here to judge, I think the campaign was well developed and ultimately a solid concept.

    The campaign about the intellectual side of things. Its about going out and making things happen. Its a campaign targeting young, ambitious and ultimately the go-getters who aren’t afraid to be called stupid by their peers or colleagues when they take on a task that isn’t the status quo.

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