Gilette drop Tiger Woods

Gillette is phasing Tiger Woods out of its advertisements while he takes time off from golf to try to repair his marriage.

The razor manufacturer made its announcement last night after Woods, the first sports star to earn $1 billion, confessed he had been unfaithful and said he was taking an indefinite break.

“We will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programmes,” Gillette said.

Gillette is the first large sponsor to distance itself from Woods since allegations about his private life. Up to 15 women claim they have had affairs with him.



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2 responses to “Gilette drop Tiger Woods

  1. I can’t believe that Gillette really backed away from Tiger. I can’t help but see Tiger as being bigger now than he ever was before! Seriously, has anyone been able visit Yahoo’s homepage without seeing a Tiger Woods story featured in the past week or two??

  2. Francine Marsh

    Tiger had it all and it just wasn’t enough for him. In cheating on his wife, in the way he did it, with so many women…his actions spoke loudly of the type of man he is; that realization carried over into ever aspect of his life, both professional and private. His life is no longer private in any sense of the word…he saw to that. Shame on him! He hurt so many who mattered more than the fans who adored him. The fans will go on to find someone with integrity and talent to admire and follow; I’m hoping his family can do the same.

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