Climate change ad attracts complaints

A week-old  TV ad in the UK warning people about the impact of climate change has drawn 203 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is spending £6m on the ad, which was created by AMV BBDO, to promote its Act on CO2 carbon reduction initiative.

The ad uses the device of a children’s storybook, which shows a British town deep under water, with people and animals drowning. Carbon dioxide is shown rising from cars, homes and everyday appliances in clouds of black soot, which then form a jagged-toothed monster.

While most complaints claim the ad is misleading, some have also said it is frightening for children.


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One response to “Climate change ad attracts complaints

  1. eh…? takes out my etch-a-sketch and my abacus…. and comes to the conclusion they may have been better served by paying towards their carbon credits….

    …..pardon my humour of course 😉

    *wonders has the ad been pulled

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