Apprentice forced to re-edit


The production behind the Irish edition of The Apprentice programme have been forced to re-edit every episode of the new series after a run-in with the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI).

According to todays Sunday Tribune, one episode of the show last season contravened the advertising code, by giving “undue prominence” to Renault products and logos, a company linked to programme mentor Bill Cullen.

Larry Bass, CEO of Screentime ShinAwiL, the company which makes The Apprentice, said, “After the BCI’s investigation into the show last year, this season we have been incredibly careful. Each episode of the new series was viewed by four lawyers, a lawyer representing us, a lawyer representing TV3, and two outside lawyers to make sure that, in their opinion, no product was given undue prominence.”

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One response to “Apprentice forced to re-edit

  1. I actually remember watching the very episode with the sales tasks in the garages and it was a joke, they drove up in Renaults, spent the whole day selling Renaults and kept cutting away to the signs. The balance is tricky and I suppose the fact that the only way to get these shows through TV3 is to use the product placement makes it tricky but cmpetiting with RTE aint easy.

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