Solidarity update






Steven Ruane and the guys at Midpoint Creative in Tralee  Co. Kerry having been putting some creative ideas together for Solidarity.

The brief was probably the simplest they’ve ever had. The creative had to in some way represent a coming together, solidarity and even a mini-revolution.

I think that they have captured this very well with the above.

My favourite is the third from top.

Lets have your feedback. Comment below or email us at:


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8 responses to “Solidarity update

  1. I’d say second last…

  2. naoise

    What exactly is “Solidarity”? Not sure what the product/service is – all i can think of is an anti-lisbon group. Is that what it is?

    The third one down is nice, but all of the top ones are fairly derivative – nicely done, but not really original. Again, depends on what it is for…

  3. I’d prefer the simplicity of the last 3 ones, the text based only, in plain black even better. The rest are just ‘cool’, though cool may include a massive hint of post-soviet flair including Communist ideas you may not even want to get close to.

  4. The star in the last one is very close to the star in the Country Mix FM logo.

  5. I guess a lot of it depends where & how you intend to use the logos etc. The bottom 3 are going to give more flexibility in that regard. If that’s not an issue, then I’d agree; 3rd from top is the best option, followed by 2nd from top for me.

  6. maggymooninteriors

    I really like the third sign from the top, it is simple yet very strong, it suits the word SOLIDARITY, the colouring too is a good choice.

  7. To the Midpoint Creative team,
    Why the star Russia, Instantly comes to mind,
    The word Solidarity,is strong and holds power,
    Where is this going to be used?
    I am guessing, but if it is to be used in Ireland,
    Star not doing it for me at all,If Global use Globe with Hand,
    3 Down if budget is tight,
    Up the Dubs,


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