Bing sales crash due to demand


Microsoft has prematurely ended its Bing Shopping double cashback promotion after the programme proved to be too successful.  

Three weeks ago Microsoft launched a double cashback promotion for its Bing Shopping search engine, where online retailers had their rebates matched by Microsoft for back-to-school shoppers who found deals using Bing.

The company set a cap on the total cashback offered, with a definite end date of August 30. Yesterday, Microsoft announced it would end the promotion four days earlier than expected. 

Visits to Bing Shopping soared after the double cashback offer was announced, according to Hitwise, and a number of retailers reported large traffic spikes coming through Bing.

A Microsoft spokesman said: “Due to an overwhelming, positive response from our Bing cashback shoppers, we’ve now closed our limited time back-to-school promotion where Microsoft increased the percentage of cashback rewards on behalf of retailers.”


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