Marketing & PR get together update


There has been an unbelievable response to our call for some kind of industry get together to help out small Irish businesses during this meltdown. The calibre of those wishing to get involved in this initiative is really inspiring.

Unfortunately we haven’t responded to all the emails yet but we will over the next two days.

OK, to kick things off I’m in the process of purchasing an excellent Irish domain name, which I’ll keep under wraps until the transaction is complete. The domain was purchased some time ago but hasn’tbeen used so hopefully we can get our hands on it. To go with the the domain name we obviously need some kind of web presence even something simple on  Wordpress  for now. Any WordPress gurus or web agencies out there that can kick things off for us, please get in touch.

Please keep your ideas and offers of help coming in. Hopefully over the coming days we will start putting some kind of structures on things which will enable us to highlight what areas we need help in.

Email us at:

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