Solidarity with small businesses during the recession


OK,  it looks like my suggestion yesterday of a frontal assault on this recession through a Marketing/PR get-together was more popular than I expected although some of you have asked me to expand on my thoughts, so here they are.

There are alot of small indigenous brands/companies out there whom given the current economic conditions don’t have the budgets or resources to market their products or are just simply very limited in their  marketing and PR efforts given the small size of their business.

I’d hate to see a small company suffer or perhaps having to force their employess onto the dreaded dole queue simply because the wheels weren’t turning due to the absence of basic marketing know-how.

So, what I had in mind was the coming together (solidarity) of a range of professionals in the areas of Marketing & PR to offer some free expertise to small businesses or a chosen business in an effort ‘revoluntionise’ their brand and create some buzz for their business. This grouping could act as a full service agency for the chosen brand for an agreed period of time in an effort to bring the business or brand to the next level and then hand back the reins.  Obviously to be done in ones own spare time.

In  order to approach this project in a balanced way we need experts from across the sector including: creatives, social media experts, online and offline PR’s, graphic designers, web designers, bloggers, etc etc etc. There is no particular level of experience required for those helping out, in fact what a great way for those less-experienced to gain experience from the more seasoned campaigners.

Yes, we have some excellent initiatives out there like Bizcamp and Small Business Can but I think there is room for this as well, in fact there’s no reason why we couldn’t have some form of cross collaboration across the various initiatives.

Anyway, as I’ve said thats my thoughts for now but if you have any suggestions or would like to move this idea along with me by getting involved then please get in touch at:

Please feel free to blog about or re-tweet this post, lets make this happen.


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14 responses to “Solidarity with small businesses during the recession

  1. I just came across your blog and I think that it is a fantastic idea. I am a start up company with a different idea but due to budget constraints marketing and PR is sometimes difficult. I own which rents out full casino’s to any type of event from Weddings, Fundraiser’s too Private Parties. Again I think the idea is brilliant and I would love to be considered for some help.

  2. Great initiative! I think a forum were the ‘crowd’ can offer small amounts of help would work well as part of it. Where the small business posts the requirement and lots of people can offer suggestions and samples etc. It would then be good for the provider, as they are seen to be doing “good work.”

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  4. Hi,
    Excellent idea and it cannot be anything but a good thing. I have mailed you already but I will state again that we would be delighted to be involved. (I have more or less reposted your initial post on our blog which I hope is ok)

  5. great idea. Any help I can offer, no problem.
    L x

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  8. Hi there,

    Great idea and I would like to be involved. I can offer advice on the graphic design end of things if that’s useful.

  9. I happy to chip in too. Let me know. What aboutr something in NI also?

  10. mediabite

    Excellent idea. More than happy to contribute.

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  12. I’m happy to help out if I can. Will send on more details via email…

  13. Hi, I’m happy to help out with video production if I can.

  14. Photographer based in cork , love the idea

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