Iceland part company with Kerry Katona


So Iceland has finally gone and dumped Kerry Katona after a four year relationship. The move follows a News of the World exclusive revealing Katone as a cocaine user.

Several commentators in the past have called for Katona to be sacked from her role as brand ambassador for the food retailer but the reality is that she was the perfect fit for the brand.

Kerry Katona who lounges around all day in a tracksuit, has kids to several different fathers, is divorced, bankrupt, takes drugs, smokes, drinks while pregnant is the perfect role model for chav Britain, Iceland’s target market.

So up until Katona was exposed taking drugs Iceland were quite happy for her to endorse their products. Who else would attract so much media coverage for them?

PS. Is there any chance that this could actually be a set-up by Kerry Katona herself? Unlikely, but just a thought that went through my mind.


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One response to “Iceland part company with Kerry Katona

  1. Its totally understandable why Iceland kicked her out…any company would have done that I think. Her image has gone right down hill recently and her husband doesn’t help with that. He’s a loser…

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