Barry’s Tea goes Absolutely Fringe


One of Ireland’s favourite brand’s Barry’s Tea has teamed up with this years Dublin’s arts festival Absolut Fringe to present a mini-series of ‘Tea With…’ talks in the Metro Bosco Tent as part of this year’s festival.

Camille O’Flanagan from Barry’s Tea commented, ‘Absolut Fringe is an amazing festival showcasing all forms of the arts in Ireland and beyond. As an ongoing part of the ‘Tea With…’ series the talks with Absolut Fringe will see the brand continue to tap into the creative and cultural nature of its fans and take them to the fringe of where Barry’s Tea hasn’t gone before.’

For more information about Barry’s Tea With the Absolut Fringe visit or become a fan on Facebook at

Little tip, if you haven’t had a cuppa Barry’s recently get down to the supermarket and grab a box of Barry’s Gold Blend it knocks the socks off Lyons any day (Camille O’Flanagan, I’ll pick up the cheque @ reception).

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