3 Mobile Customer Service Failure


Saturday 4th of July I awaken at 10am to find seven missed calls on my mobile which has been on silent. Something seriously wrong here I thought, who has died?

Upon checking my voicemails I discover that the missed calls are from one of my mobile operators 3. The voicemail says ‘you must call us urgently’. Whatever could be wrong?

Ironically my mobile coverage at home is dreadfully poor so I have to walk around the house to get some decent coverage. I eventually get through to their call centre in Calcutta and I have great difficulty understanding the 3 agent.

It seems that for some reason my Direct Debit hasnt gone through, strange. This is the first problem I’ve had with paying them in the 8 months I have been a 3 customer.

The agent who is a little on the agressive side tells me that I have to pay them immediately by card or the service will be cut off. I’m that annoyed at receiving 7 calls early on a Saturday morning because of a DD issue which could possibly be on their side that I refuse to pay by credit or debit card. The agent says he has to go ahead and disconnect my service so I say ‘fine, but before you do let me speak to a supervisor’.

The supervisor comes on and is quite a helpful guy, I explain the issue and he goes on to tell me that he’s not sure why the DD hasnt gone through but that their system has now deleted my DD details and I have to set up a new DD. On top of the new DD I have to pay the outstanding balance by card on Monday as the outstanding balance is their priority and they cant wait for a few days for the new DD to be processed. I said fine and hung up as I was too annoyed to continue the conversation with 3.

I have heard all the horror stories about their customer service and poor coverage but I hadnt experienced it until now and I’m so so annoyed at being treated in such a shoddy way.

I doubt this will end here……


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