Airtricity – brand damage limitation

Airtricity billing

Airtricity billing

Airtricity Ireland have written to over 30,000 customers to let them know that their financial details and addresses etc have been unsecured for some time.

An issue like this could do this relatively young Irish brand serious damage if details were to leak. It seems their PR people have gone into overdrive to keep this disaster out of the news.

The letter stated that Airtricity couldn’t guarantee that personal details haven’t been accessed by third parties.

It looks like Airtricity are not the only ones with data issues, one company has a Monster issue on their hands.

Update: It looks Airtricity have been keeping an eye on the interweb to see when their data security blooper would crop up. Their response, they threaten a blogger with legal action. What a stupid stupid mistake, what has the blogger done wrong but to highlight the issue. Bloggers should unite in the face of such bullying.



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2 responses to “Airtricity – brand damage limitation

  1. The Airtricity Facts:

    – 1160 customers have been effected, a very small percentage of our customer base relating only to customers who signed up online.
    – All customers impacted by this situation have been informed.
    – All customers impacted have been indemnified.
    – Airtricity has not taken legal action against any bloggers in relation to information posted about this incident.

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